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Shiny Silver Film Rail Rolls 12" minimum  (DTF custom by the roll)

Shiny Silver Film Rail Rolls 12" minimum (DTF custom by the roll)

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The newest in DTF technology, This DTF film has a unique feature that allows you to print with either White or black and make your finished design look Shiny Silver with 1 easy step!


285 for 15 seconds
Cover and repress for 5-10 seconds


This listing is to upload/email your already create gang sheet and get a roll of your designs!


*PLEASE ENSURE ALL ARTWORK THAT IS UPLOADED IS TRANSPARENT AND NO LESS THAN 300 DPI* PNG Format with a transparent background.  DO NOT MIRROR, our software auto mirrors for us! 

There are known issues with AI files and SVG files, use these at your own risk, if an SVG or AI file is used you bear the responsibilities of potential font changes, or sizing issues, these transfers will not be replaced free of charge if there is an issue.

This listing is wholesale pricing, in exchange for a lower wholesale price, images must be submitted as a gang sheet 22” wide by your desired length. By ordering this listing you agree that your transfers will be received on a roll not cut apart. 

You must upload your ready to print file to this listing or send it to us at 

Direct to film (DTF) transfers are the newest technology in screen printing.

  • One of the greatest benefits of these transfers is that they can go on so many kinds of fabric (cotton, polyester, blend, leather, spandex, and flex) and any color of fabric (see information below)
  • Please pay attention to the colors of the text and the design in relation to the color of shirt you are wanting to use. Black text will not show up on a dark color shirt.
  • There is a white layer of ink on the back of each transfer as shown in our listings. This allows for the transfers to be put on various colors of clothing.
  • Each vibrant DTF graphic leaves a high-quality design on your t-shirt that stays vibrant wash after wash. They are similar to screen print transfers but thinner, more durable and won't crack over time.
  • We will print images as received, a blurry image will produce a blurry transfer. If your letters are too tiny ink/powder may not stick to them. We are not responsible for file quality. We do offer the ability to do a test print to make sure everything comes out as expected before printing large orders.
  • By uploading a file for print you are certifying that you have the rights to print and sale the design. We take no responsibility for trademark or copywrite infringement and reserve the right to refund a print at our discretion. 
  • Orders over $400 may require an extra business day


  • We will review your order looking for overlap of designs, designs that are cut off, or obvious file issues that will cause print problems (the file opens smaller then the size that was purchased.
  • Track inspection does not include review of any of the following: design quality issues, design sizing, or designs where the letters are too small to stick. We often times don't know how a design will print/cure until it is printed. 

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